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Important Reopening Updates and Class Requirements 10 Cedarhill Park Drive Cedarville, MA 02360


Member Spotlight: Chickie Celli

"When Chickie stepped foot in the door, there was no doubt the determination was there. The confidence she has gained is remarkable from day one to the present. Couldn’t be more proud of her and can’t wait to see what the future holds."

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Ready to hit that PR?

Announcing the CrossFit1620 Engine Building Program–a 12-week course to increase your aerobic capacity. Take your runs and workouts to the next level!

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Member Spotlight: Barbara Goodwin

I am in much better shape physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel part of a big family. Knowing that the people you are in class with are not judging you but rather encouraging and supporting you makes it easier to do workouts that would normally give you anxiety when you read what is scheduled.

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2017 Mountain Club

Crossfit2610 Mountain Club
The Mountain Club is an exclusive group of dedicated members who have checked in to at least 200 classes in the previous calendar year.

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Member Spotlight: Bruce Horn

"Since the day I met Bruce he’s been the definition of consistency. He continues to set goals for himself, achieve them and move on to the next. Most importantly he is a great member of our community, encourages others and shares his experiences that may help other athletes."

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Member Spotlight: Penni Pomeroy

"Penni is a true athlete. She works hard, is a positive influence on newer members that may be a little intimidated and ALWAYS gives us her best effort."

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Physical Therapy Assessment & Treatment​

CrossFit1620 Physical Therapist Alissa Santarpia
Do you have a new or nagging injury? CrossFit1620 is now offering personalized physical therapy assessments and treatments by licensed Physical Therapist Alissa Santarpia, PT, DTP, ATC​.

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Member Spotlight: Jaclyn Evans

This installment of the CrossFit 1620 Member Spotlight features Jaclyn Evans.

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Member Spotlight December 2016

This is the first installment of our new Member Spotlight Series. We will be featuring an athlete who represents everything that CrossFit1620 stands for: hard work, dedication, and community.

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