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Member Spotlight: Penni Pomeroy

Posted September 26th, 2017

Tell us about yourself before joining CrossFit.

I needed a change. Eight months before joining I had foot surgery to repair a broken bone in my left foot and rebuild my arch. After the cast came off (8 weeks) workouts were sporadic walks and swimming in the pool over the summer. I was also about to start a new job closer to home. As an Administrative Technician for a civil engineering firm, my job is quite sedentary. I was looking for a workout routine that would keep me accountable, motivated and moving.

What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed since joining?

I guess the biggest difference is the fact that I’ve actually scheduled the time to work out. It took a year, but I’ve upgraded to the Family Membership (I wish I had done this initially) and I try to come 5 times a week.

Penni is a true athlete. She works hard, is a positive influence on newer members that may be a little intimidated and ALWAYS gives us her best effort.  I always love seeing that she is already checked in at 4:40 am!  Keep doing what you're doing Penni!

Coach Jon

What is your proudest CF moment?

There have been many since 7/7/16 but my first 400m run without stopping was a milestone.

How did you hear about us?

Jen Reilly had posted the opening of the gym on Facebook. I clicked on the link, read Jonathan’s story and wanted to learn more. I called, left a message and someone called me right back; not sure now if it was Jonathan or Matt. He gave me the quick speel about the gym, mentioned that Coach Jimmy was at the facility and invited me to check it out. We had a great chat and I told him I was thinking about joining but had some concerns about my “athleticism” and joining CrossFit as a “Baby Boomer”. He reassured me that he has worked with many generations and that I shouldn’t let that be a contributing factor in my decision to join. He also told me about the upcoming required Elements program for new members and that it would teach me about the CrossFit moves.

I'll never forget the day Penni first step foot into CrossFit 1620. I was putting our rig together before we opened, and she stopped by to see what we were all about. She had a goal set in mind and was very determined to accomplish it. It's incredible to see how much improvement she's made both mentally and physically. Most of all she concentrates on moving properly and safely first, and has seen the benefits of how that increases her strength with much success. She has also recruited the whole family and together they have fun and lead a healthy lifestyle. CrossFit 1620 wouldn't be the same without you, keep up the good work. 

Coach Jimmy

Penni rockin' the red shirt friday!

What is your next goal?

Lurong Challenge 2017. I’m hoping to learn more about macros, clean eating and how to stick with it.

What would your perfect WOD look like?

I loved the Deck of Cards WOD as a Team. It probably wouldn’t have burpees – lol.

What advice would you give to someone new to CF or think of giving it a try?

My advice to new members is this …. Rome was not built in a day and all CrossFit athletes were once like us. I’ll admit those first few workouts were intimidating as I watched the others complete these movements with ease and speed. I had to remind myself that I was beginning something new and it will take time and practice to get better. I work out for me and as much as I want to keep up I know my limits. I love the fact that most moves have modifications until I’m comfortable and ready for the Rx. Be sure to give yourself and this Box a chance. Don’t be afraid to work out with another athlete; it can be very motivating. Did I just call myself an athlete? What!!

Penni has made CrossFit a family affair in her home. She motivates her husband and children to join in alongside her. Much like she does when the clock hits 321 go she helps to motivate those around her. 

Coach Kali

Any other thoughts?

I’d like to say thank you to the entire CrossFit1620 Community “where everyone knows your name” – I’ve never had this experience with any other gym I’ve belonged to. The one year anniversary party was amazing! I regret not working out.

I love the WODIFY app. It enables me to be applaud the accomplishments of the Crossfit1620 athletes even if I wasn’t in their class. I admit I still get frustrated when I can’t complete the distance runs, burpees or rope climbs but I tell myself that 14 months ago you weren’t doing any of those things. Hang in there!

Yes, Teddy it’s 4:30 a.m. Thanks for supporting me and being my workout buddy. xoxo

Penni and her family tackling a WOD together.