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The Training Room Wellness | Cedarville Mass.

**COVID Class Requirements** 10 Cedarhill Park Drive Cedarville, MA 02360

COVID Updates and Class Requirements

Posted December 29th, 2020

COVID-19 Updates for 2021

As you know there are many requirements and guidelines we will need to follow, to ensure we are adhering to state and local expectations so we do not create any concerns or violations.

Here is what we are requiring for you to be able to participate:

1. At this time, you must RSVP prior to attending class.

You will be able to RSVP for a class 24 hours in advance. However, per state regulations, we are only allowed to have 18 members + 1 coach at each class.

2. Face coverings are required at all times in the facility.

This includes all spaces within the building, as well as during class.

3. There will no childcare available.

Please do not bring your kids with the intent of leaving them in the car or to hang out in the front office.

5. Please follow current state guidelines about quarantine.

If you are under quarantine because you may have been in contact with someone infected then please adhere to those guidelines and do not attend class. This is for everyone's safety. If after attending a class you do not feel good, please notify us and follow state guidelines.

4. Your WODHOPPER account must be updated with all information.

To create your WODHOPPER account, click here and sign up using the email address we previously had on file. Once you sign up, you can install the WODHOPPER mobile app by visiting this page from your mobile phone.

You can watch a video intro to WODHOPPER here: