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Winter 2013.
270ish pounds, riddled with sometimes paralyzing anxiety. That's where I found myself and I knew I needed a change. I lost some weight exercising at home but always tired of those routines rather quickly. I was determined to lose weight, mainly to get healthy for my wife and two kids. My wife suggested the Paleo diet, and that we try to do Whole30. We did, and I got down to 230 and wanted more.

Crossfit has given me much more than I can ever give back to it.

After watching a YouTube Series called "Killing the Fat Man" I searched the internet for a local CrossFit, found one and walked in terrified. I quickly realized that the only thing that the coaches wanted from me was my best effort, and that nobody cared how out of shape I was. I got myself down to a happy 200 pounds, and have managed to stay within 5 pounds of that for 3 years now.

The workouts were fantastic but the thing that kept me coming back to the gym was the amazing coaching and friendships that were forged through all that pain and hard work. I have found that you truly cannot put a price on that accountability, it's priceless!

Through CrossFit, I have been able to create a healthier life for my family and many of my friends. I have all but extinguished my initial anxiety with a greater knowledge of my body's limits. I have become a better more confident version of myself. Needless to say, these changes have had an enormous impact to all aspects of my life.

Crossfit has given me much more than I can ever give back to it. Through coaching, I can help a lot people be a little better everyday. That's something that I take very seriously and have an enormous amount of pride in.

You're Ready.