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Important Reopening Updates and Class Requirements 10 Cedarhill Park Drive Cedarville, MA 02360

When my fiancé and I first moved to the suburbs without many local friends, I decided to give CrossFit a shot as a way to meet new people and try a different approach to fitness. Fast forward three years and another move to Cape Cod, and we found ourself at CrossFit1620, where fitness and community are the cornerstones of this incredible gym.

Gillian after completing a Spartan Race.

As a teacher with a background in both competitive gymnastics and gymnastics coaching, the jump to CrossFit coaching made perfect sense, and allowed me to enjoy my hobby in an exciting new light. Helping people push through their comfort zones and realize what their bodies are capable of is the greatest reward that CrossFit coaching has brought. For my fiancé and I, CrossFit has turned working out into a passion and lifestyle that we hope to sustain for a long time.

You're Ready.