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Important Reopening Updates and Class Requirements

844-FIT-1620 10 Cedarhill Park Drive Cedarville, MA 02360

It was 2009, I was a washed up competitive softball player who had just flunked out of her senior semester in college for engineering and was trying to stay sober. Looking for direction, I walked into a USMC Officer Candidate Office (without consulting anyone I knew). Thanks to my Captain, my first introduction to CrossFit was our PT workouts, and while not in training for OCS with him, me and another buddy of mine were hitting up every “free” class we could at local boxes (insert broke college student trying to stay sober).

Long story short, because I have Crohns Disease and had a history of former drug addiction in my medical records the Marine Corps thought I wasn’t fit to lead others. I was crushed, I thought I had finally found my calling and a way to get my life back together.

But life is beautiful and everything happens for a reason. During that waiting to be denied period, my Captain left the Marine Corp, and I started Foundations in his garage while also being introduced to the Paleo Diet. The doors of Vitality opened, and so by the grace of God and CrossFit, my life was doing a 180 and I have never looked back since.

I now eat rice in my diet while still mainly eating clean, whole foods that are based around that original Paleo lifestyle. And I promote the heck out of not eating like a jerk and managing your stress to keep your body healthy because I am walking testimony of it's success. Battling autoimmune diseases while living life at optimal isn’t easy, but it’s a lot better than the alternative.

I’m an adrenaline junky, and I’m addicted to challenges. Since starting CrossFit almost 10 years ago, I’ve been able to compete competitively in the sport at the highest level, completed half and full marathons, half iron mans, and Spartans of all distance including the Ultra (longest endurance event I’ve ever completed in my life!).

I’ve trained under more military coaches than not and have been blessed to have had some very knowledgeable trainers as mentors. To this day I still love a good nerd session on the human body and it’s functions at a performance level, and have been lucky enough to attend multiple courses on such subjects.

I am able to manage my Crohns and Colitis without medication and have achieve a lot of these cool things with the help of some of those mentors. Even at CrossFit1620, I am still a product of my environment, always being able to learn something new, and through continuous education and those experiences (and a little bit of Mary Poppins) I’m here to deliver that to our members.

I feel like I’m wasting what God has given me by not using it to help others improve the quality of their lives. My favorite workout will always be Fran, and if my body allowed it I would lift and do nothing but grinders 5 days a week:-) I love this sport. I love the community CrossFit produces. I love the quality of life CrossFit grants to those that respect her. And I’m glad life has brought me to 1620, y’all.

You're Ready.