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Member Spotlight December 2016

Posted December 5th, 2016

This is the first installment of our new Member Spotlight Series. We will be featuring an athlete who represents everything that CrossFit1620 stands for: hard work, dedication, and community. Our first athlete, Heather Yeaton, definitely epitomizes these qualities.

Heather planking like a boss!

We spoke with Heather about her experience and journey. Here's what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself before joining:

"I am an emergency room nurse, wife and mother of three wonderful children so taking care of others before myself is in my nature. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember – fads, sporadic gym memberships – nothing long term. A great friend of mine started talking about how she started CrossFit and the enthusiasm she had was contagious! It was a good two months of contemplating before committing. I thought I was too old, too out of shape and that I would never fit in. But the encouragement from my friend Thao helped me take the leap and I will be forever grateful to her for that."

Heather is everything we look for in a member. Dedication, passion and a fire to get better. All that, while making everyone around her feed off of her fire and joy. 1620 was a better place the day she walked in.

Coach Jonathan

What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed since joining?

"Fitness-wise, I am so much stronger and more fit than I was before and I can do things I never imagined I would be able to do. I am constantly surprising myself with improvements in my abilities. CrossFit has taught me that anything is possible."

What is your proudest CrossFit moment?

"Running my very first 5K with the amazing ladies from 1620!"

Heather finishing her first 5K with team CrossFit1620.

How did you hear about us?

"Facebook, and when I saw that Jonathan was a coach/owner I knew right then that this was going to be a great beginning to my journey."

What is your next goal?

"I’m not sure where to begin! I can now have goals I never would have imagined. One would be Deadlifting over 200 lbs! And to continue to get stronger and healthier with this incredible crew!"

Heather is what CrossFit 1620 is all about, she is the complete athlete. From day one in our first Elements class I knew she would brighten anyone's day every time she walked into our gym. Her energy is always up, she's determined and ready to go everyday. Heather is always looking to improve her own fitness and doesn't get caught up in what others people's scores or weights are, she's competing against herself. I can't wait to see her continue to conquer every goal she sets for herself. Heather, there's nothing you can't do and you know it, stay on the path a great things will happen.

Coach Jimmy

What would your perfect WOD look like?

"I think the weightlifting WODs are my favorite but I love the challenge each one brings!"

What advice would you give to someone thinking of trying CrossFit?

"Don’t listen to the CrossFit haters! Give it a try. The community is like no other. Being able to work out with your coaches and building new, unexpected friendships as you work toward your goals is a reward you will not find anywhere else!"

From her passion to improve her own physical fitness to the passion she shows when cheering on others around her, Heather always brings on her A game – even if it's at 9am after a 12 hour night shift. She strives to be better every time she walks in 1620. No goal is unattainable for this girl and when she's around she makes others feel the same way. Always with a smile on and ready to get some, Heather is what 1620 is all about!

Coach Jen

Any other thoughts?

"I am still in awe of how my personal achievements are being recognized by the coaches and other members. Everyone here believes in you and what you can accomplish even when you doubt yourself and that is the power you need. Not all CrossFit boxes are like CrossFit1620. Here you aren’t just another member, you become part of the CrossFit1620 family that helps guide and support each other through the ups and downs of achieving fitness goals."